USA Capitol warrants that its products shall be free of all substantial defects in original material
and workmanship that may become evident within ten years from the date of purchase. USA
Capitol warrants the structural integrity of our metal frames for the lifetime of the frame.

Lifetime Frame Structure Warranty

USA Capitol guarantees for the warranty period from the date of shipment against product
defects in construction, materials, or workmanship. USA Capitol reserves the right to repair or
replace such parts. This limited warranty does not cover apparent defects caused by abusive or
abnormal use of the product, improper assembly, or failures resulting from inadequate inspection
and maintenance. All incidental or consequential damages which may arise, including but not
limited to business losses, personal property damage, and third-party liabilities are hereby
expressly excluded. Also expressly excluded under this warranty is vinyl and fabric upholstery
material and normal wearing parts. Normal use is defined as use that occurs during a normal
40-hour work week by persons weighing 250 lbs or less.

This warranty is nontransferable and is intended for the original purchaser only.

USA Capitol reserves the right to make changes in product design, construction methods,
materials, and colors. We reserve the right to discontinue any product without notice.

No other warranties expressed or implied are given on products manufactured by USA Capitol.

Color Variations/Finishes

Some natural color variation occurs in thermoset hard plastic and is inherent to its character. Some
color variation occurs in polypropylene injected molded components. These variations cannot be
avoided and are therefore not considered defects. Chrome plating is a chemical process by which
nickel physically bonds to a metal surface, then chrome bonds to the nickel. Due to the length of
our welds, some may appear blackish grey in areas under the seat or desktops. Some surface rust
may occur on nickel/chrome in indoor areas with poor environmental controls. These cannot be
avoided and therefore are not considered defects. Powder coating is applied electrostatically and
is then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a skin. This surface will wear over time.

Obtaining Warranty Service:

Your USA Capitol dealer is our mutual partner in supporting your warranty requests. By following
the procedures outlined below, you can be assured of the best level of service. Contact the
dealer from whom the product was purchased within 30 days of discover of the defect. Your
dealer will gather all pertinent information regarding the claim, inspect the product and contact
a USA Capitol customer experience representative. Please allow a reasonable amount of time
for inspection and review. Upon evaluation and qualification of claim request, USA Capitol will
provide replacement parts, authorize repairs, or replace the product.

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